SBH CHARITY PROGRAM – Nov. 20, 2019 –

The 'SBH Charity' Program is a donations of foods and necessaties for underprivileged or poor family. We committed to implement a holistic and sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that focuses on the well-being of society, education and environment. The main objective of this program is to help ease the burden of underprivileged people with access to food supplies to reduce cost of living.

We were managed to donate cash, clothing, foods and basic necessities to the five (5) poor and underprivileged families identified in Taman Bunga Negara, Section 27 Shah Alam. This program allow SBH to take interests in their own communities and also lead to a huge boost in employee morale. The charity work doesn't just improve organization reputation, it also helps to build a stronger team of employees. Apart from promote teamwork, it also gives to us a sense of pride.