Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Here in Sapura Baker Hughes TPS Sdn Bhd (SBH), we understand and recognize the value of a good Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) practices are critical in order to achieve, maintain and continually improve operational excellence for long term business continuity.



In line with this aspiration, SBH are determined to conduct our business activities in a manner that consistently complies with all applicable HSE requirements regardless where we operate.

Our goal is to make every day a Perfect HSE Day with no injuries, accident, illnesses and harm to the environment. 

Every employee is responsible to help SBH to achieve this goal by committing to:

  • Establishing and practising Health, Safety and Environmental Management System in accordance with Local Regulations and International Standards to eliminate or minimise any HSE risks to our employees, subcontractors, vendors, other stakeholders and also the environment
  • Demonstrating leadership commitment at management and supervisory level in championing HSE initiatives
  • Periodically measure HSE performance standards and conduct reviews and analysis for continual improvements
  • Incorporating HSE performance indicator's target for senior management staff and all employees
  • Providing adequate resources including competent human resources to deliver and achieve HSE objectives
  • Continually develop our employees skills and competencies through training opportunities
  • Encouraging transparency in HSE reporting as an integral part of our HSE best practices

HSE Milestone


DEC 2013

Zero (0) LTI since December 2013


DEC 2013

403K safe manhours since December 2013

Awards and Recognition


In SBH, we put Quality at the core of our business, combining our services and practical know-how to provide outstanding services and solutions to our customers.

Everything that we do is aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders while putting priorities in complying with statutory, regulatory, internal and standard industry practices. We continually review and improve our Quality Management System to enhance our performance, increase customer satisfaction, achieve organizational goals and quality objectives.

Each and every employees of SBH share this dedication towards maintaining and improving quality by adopting these fundamentals

Passionately drive customer satisfaction with our services, aiming at building long-term loyalty by partnering with customer to achieve mutual success.

Identify, understand and ensure strict compliance with customer, statutory, regulatory, internal and industry requirements pertaining to the quality performance of our services.

Continually review our work processes, identify potential risk and opportunities that could affect our service conformity and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction

Contribute to customer satisfaction and pursue quality at the source by performing each job the right time with the required competency, awareness and authority to stop any nonconformities.

Take necessary actions to access, simplify and sustainably improve the effectiveness of our quality management system to enhance our services, technology and processes

SO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration